倾转旋翼垂直起降固定翼无人机,利用机载旋翼转换机构与稳定的飞行控制算法, 实现多旋翼模式与固定翼模式的自主切换。在多旋翼模式下垂直起降,不需要借助跑道滑行,具有起降灵活,场地不受限的特点。在固定翼模式下大范围巡航飞行, 具有续航时间长,巡航速度快、作业效率高等特点。多旋翼模式和固定翼模式能够共用动力系统, 避免携带过多设备,大大提升有效负载能力。
18X Optical Zoom & Thermal Imager
18倍双光相机搭载一枚Sony18 倍光学变焦相机和一枚红外热成像仪,可用于军事侦察、警用侦察、警用监视及取证、店里巡线、防灾减灾、应急监控等多个领域。一体化设计,结构精巧、安装方便。无缝转接技术,带来顺畅操作体验:电机内置限位确保旋转防止绞线。
Infrared Thermal Imager
UAV Power System
The newly designed 6010 motor, smart ESC and large-size propeller provide unimpeded power support for a wide range of industrial applications and professional aerial photography with high load, high efficiency and excellent reliability.
Water-proof Motor
The bearing system of the 6010 Standard/Pro motor core adopts strict sealing treatment to isolate liquid corrosion such as rainwater, pesticides and even salt spray. The stator is protected by special coating and the anti-rust ability is significantly improved; the closed top cover is matched with the rising wind. The cold system can effectively prevent foreign matter from entering the inside of the motor, and the motor can run smoothly even in a dusty environment. 240S electric adjustment corresponding to the use of seal protection is for protecting internal components.
UAV Flight Control System
SMD UAV Flight Control System consists of gyroscopes (flight attitude perception), accelerators, geomagnetic induction, air pressure sensors (rough control of hover height), ultrasonic sensors (low-altitude height control or obstacle avoidance), optical flow sensors,GPS module and the control circuit.