Tilt Rotor Technology
With advanced and stable flight control system and tilt-rotor technology, the V200 can be automatically switched between multi-rotor mode and fixed wing mode.
High Strength Light WeightF Structure
With high strength composite material of carbon fiber and fiberglass, V200 can keep the structure strength and decrease the weight to a large extent.
PPK Technology
V200 integrates the PPK module can get the centi-meter grade POS data via data processing software.
V200 Quick Installation and Uninstallation
With modular design, V200 can be installed and uninstalled easily without any tools.
  飞机尺寸: 2400*1000*240mm 最大测控半径: 30km
  空载重量: 5.5kg 实用升限: 5000m
  最大载荷: 1.5kg 电池容量: 18000mAh
  巡航速度: 75km/h 定位精度: 垂直±3cm,水平±1cm+1ppm
  最大航时: 100min 抗风能力: 6级
  最大航程: 115km 工作温度: -20℃ — 60℃
地面分辨率 航高 作业面积
2cm 150m 3.7km²
3cm 239m 5.2km²
5cm 400m 10.9km²
10cm 800m 22.3km²
20cm 1500m 45.7km²
  • Sony RX1RII
  • Sony A7RII
  • Oblique Camera